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Life Insurance

We understand that dynamic organizations require tailored solutions. That’s why our Corporate Life Insurance products are designed to meet the needs of your organization. 

Group Life Insurance 

Our policy provides optimal cover and protection to employees within an organization, it is offered as an annual renewable term insurance product. Employers can pay all the cost up front, or share it with employees. Cover benefits against death (natural and accidental), with sum insured equaling multiples of employees’ salaries or a flat sum insured for all employees. 

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Our Group personal accident insurance allows employers to buy an annually renewed master policy for its employees in which the employers may pay all the cost, or share it with employees. 

Group Credit Life Insurance 

Our Credit Life policy provides optimal cover and protection to banks and financial institutions to protect their credit book of business in case of an unfortunate death or disability of borrowers / credit Card holders.

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