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Motor claims procedure

  1. Report to the Police and obtain a ‘Referral Note’/Police Report (as applicable in each Emirate).

    Note: ADNIC provides free towing service in case of an accident leading to the breakdown of your vehicle through International Motoring Club (IMC) (the road assistance Company). For assistance, kindly contact 800 4405.

  2. Notify ADNIC immediately in any one of the following ways:
    • Visit the nearest ADNIC office; the claims staff there will receive your claim notice and will assist you to fill out a Claim Form based on the facts reported. You will be asked to review the form and sign it.
    • You can also notify a Claim by calling 800 8040 or by sending an email to

  3. Please provide the following with the claim notification:
    • Copy of Police report/referral note
    • Copy of car registration
    • Copy of driving license
    • Copy of Emirates ID card

  4. Once the above steps are completed:
    • The Claims staff will inform you of the date and time when the car is to be brought to the ADNIC office or an agency/garage for inspection and obtaining an estimate.
    • If the fault is attributed to your car, the deductible (as per your insurance Policy) will have to be paid at the agency/garage or at the ADNIC office as advised by the Claims staff
    • In case the vehicle is a total loss, the Claims staff will advise you of the relevant procedure to follow.
    • In case repair condition is “outside agency” your vehicle will be allocated to one of our panel garages. The panel garages are classified into 4 types i.e. Platinum, Gold, and Silver & Bronze. Please visit our website for list of garages by color code. Depending on the color Category of the policy you hold, garage allocation will be of the same code.